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Daily Trips

Dreaming of a one-day getaway?

Tihany and the Hungarian Sea, Balaton

Combine pleasure, culture and nature in just one trip! You get to see the largest fresh-water lake of Central Europe, Lake Balaton. ... Read More

durationDuration: 12 hours
durationInstant Confirmation

60 000 HUF
(185 EUR) / car

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Vienna: Discover the Imperial City

Embark on a full-day trip from Budapest to Austria and explore Vienna, its grandiose capital, considered one of Europe’s gems and a definite must-visit.... Read More

durationDuration: 12 hours
durationInstant Confirmation

70 000 HUF
(220 EUR) / car

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Szentendre: The Perfect Day Out Of Budapest

Szentendre is the perfect little town to wonder around with winding cobbled streets, white-trimmed buildings painted in cheerful pastel shades, and flower boxes overflowing with blooms and distinctive 18th century architecture... Read More

durationDuration: 6 hours
durationInstant Confirmation

9 000 HUF
(30 EUR) / participant

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Picnic Basket

Restaurants are mainstream! Let us take you to a one of a kind experience with a basket full of Hungarian delights and a treasure map to find the best picnic spots in Budapest.... Read More

durationDuration: 3 hours
durationInstant Confirmation

12 000 HUF
(40 EUR) / basket

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